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Title Rate Calculator
Fixed Fees
Endorsement 4.1 (Condo) - $50
Endorsement 5.1 (HOA) - $50
Endorsement 8.1 - $50
NOTE: In all real estate transactions, you should expect additional costs imposed by third parties. Depending upon your transaction, they might
            • State of Florida deed tax calculated at $.70 per $100 of sale/purchase price
            • State of Florida mortgage tax calculated at $2 per $1,000 of mortgage
            • State of Florida note tax calculated at $.35 per $100 of mortgage 
            • Real estate brokerage commissions and fees

            • Estoppel fees payable to a condominium or homeowners associations
            • Title search fees paid for county records search
            • Fees payable to the municipality for a municipal lien search

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